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By: Greg Smith

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  7.44 PM 12 August, 2016

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The CFA Board has today decided to progress the proposed Operational Enterprise Agreement (EA) and put it to a vote of operational staff.

We have thoroughly considered the proposed agreement and what it means for our organisation. The proposed EA has been the subject of public controversy for more than three years, and it is time to move forward and lead the organisation out of a challenging situation.

The Board has also consulted extensively with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria and the United Firefighters Union to ensure we fully understand their views. We have worked to address their concerns before making our decision.

A Joint Statement of Intent has been developed between the CFA and UFU to assist in implementation of the proposed Agreement and to dispel some misunderstandings.

CFA operational staff covered by the agreement will have an opportunity to review the EA, and then to vote on the proposal from 25 August to 1 September.  If staff vote to accept the proposed EA, it will then be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for formal approval.

The EA is a complex agreement which has attracted considerable controversy and media comment. The Board would like to acknowledge the patience and understanding of our members and staff, during what has been a divisive and difficult time.

We believe that progressing the EA is the best way forward for our organisation.

You can view the proposed enterprise agreement here (16MB). Links to the CFA Board’s resolution, a joint statement of intent and a letter to the Chief Officer Steve Warrington are below this article.

Greg Smith AM

CFA Chair

Last Updated: 09 September 2016