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Chief Officer will not seek reappointment

  • Chief Officer Euan Ferguson

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  3.43 PM 9 June, 2015

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CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has announced he will not be seeking reappointment to the position of Chief Officer when his current term expires.

** Statement from Chief Officer Euan Ferguson**

"In recent days I have signalled my intention to the Chief Executive and Board that I will not seek reappointment to the position of Chief Officer when my term expires in November.

The time is right for me, with my wife Kristin, to pursue new interests.

The timing of my decision will ensure a smooth and orderly transition to a new Chief Officer – continuity of business is paramount and this will determine the timing of my departure.

The past four and half years have been full of challenge and great reward. It has been a rare privilege to be a CFA Chief Officer. I have always given the job my best efforts.

I hope that, over time, my contribution will be remembered as a positive one during a very challenging time in the organisation’s history.

I believe CFA is well placed to continue to meet those challenges in the future.

I wish to thank the many people in CFA, staff and volunteers, who do such an amazing job and who have been wonderful in their support of me.

In particular I wish to thank Kristin for her unwavering support and encouragement."

Last Updated: 09 June 2015