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Staying safe from winter to summer

By: Terry Hayes

  11.00 AM 15 July, 2011

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Tomorrow marks the halfway point for winter and already CFA and MFB have attended over 300 house fires and four Victorians have tragically lost their lives.

It's a good time to remind people to take care with their heaters, fireplaces, electric blankets and of course to check their smoke alarms.

As part of the Winter Fire Safety Campaign we've had spokespeople on the radio, television and newspapers reminding people to be vigilant. Our Brigades have been promoting winter fire safety messages and we've sent posters to every municipality across the State for distribution around community areas including, libraries and maternal child health centres. It's up to everyone to continue to remind the people around them of this very important message.

Even though it's cold and we're working hard to keep our winter campaign messages at the forefront of people's minds, we are also working hard to get ready for this summer.

Our Community Fireguard, Bushfire Planning Workshops, Fire Ready Victoria Meetings and other programs and products have been reviewed and updated. Updates have been based on lessons learnt from last season and also our own formal research and evaluation.

The programs have been expanded to provide a better understanding of local risk and shelter options, as well as further opportunities to review fire plans. Training is currently underway so that 140 presenters will be delivering these new programs starting in October, in a more targeted and flexible way which aims to challenge the community to think more deeply about their own personal preparedness.

We're also working with Regions and partnering agencies including the Fire Services Commissioner to finalise key aspects of the overall summer campaign. We'll be linking in with the broader state-wide campaign but also working closely with Regions to ensure we're meeting local needs and initiatives.

More of these details will be firmed up in August and I'll be keeping our members in the loop through this blog and other means.

In the meantime I ask all CFA members to continue to be vigilant around winter fire safety, and remind everyone around you to check their smoke alarm.

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