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Strategy looks to empower front line

  • Supporting local pepole ot solve local problems

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  10.25 AM 23 October, 2015

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CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson is set to officially launch CFA’s Service Delivery Strategy at a gathering of operational leaders on Wednesday 28 October.  

The theme of the five-year Strategy is ‘Supporting local people to solve local problems,’ an intent Mr Ferguson said should be front and centre of people’s minds as we move into an already busy fire season.

“At the crux of this document is CFA strongly defining itself as a service delivery organisation, with every single member – no matter what their role – conscious and mindful about how they fit into that bigger picture,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Even if you’re not the one holding a hose, or out there engaging with communities, think about how you are helping that person on the front line. Are your actions and decisions genuinely empowering them to do what they need to do at a local level?”

The Service Delivery Strategy has been in circulation for some time and regions, districts and HQ-based departments have already used it to guide their planning for the coming year. Its four objectives are:

  •          Empowering and sustaining the front line
  •          Transforming service delivery to meet local needs
  •          Working with communities
  •          Strengthening relationships through collaboration.

Assistant Chief Officers, Deputy Chief Officers, Operations Managers and Managers Community Safety representing CFA’s five regions will be present at the launch. Many have been instrumental in using the Service Delivery Strategy to guide regional and district plans.

Mr Ferguson thanked the group for their work so far and said it was great to see the how the Strategy has been embraced across the board

“It’s one thing to create a high level document and another thing to bring the intent and principles within it to life.  We are seeing this happening already but need wide support throughout the organisation, not just in F&EM.

“CFA is a large and complex organisation and this process is about helping us to stay focused on what is most important. The strategy sets a path but remains broad enough for us to be agile and able to react to changes around us.”

The Service Delivery Strategy sits at the centre of CFA’s network of five-year Strategies (others are Volunteerism, People, Asset, and Finance). These broad overarching strategies feed into the overall CFA Annual Plan and the CFA priorities for 2015/16, as well as the annual plans developed by regions, districts and CFA departments for the coming financial year. 

Download a copy of the Strategy from Brigades Online

Last Updated: 23 October 2015