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Stratford Kinder: Home Fire Safe

On Friday 26 July, the Stratford Fire Brigade visited the Stratford Kinder to teach the kids about home fire safety.

Captain David Baxter, 2nd Lieutenant Jason Scicluna and 3rd Lieutenant Mark Jones took the tanker over to the kinder on the Friday morning.

Firstly the kids were able to tell the brigade that they all knew how to call 000 in an emergency. Secondly, the children learned how to stop, drop and roll in case their clothing ever catches fire. The children also learned how far away from the heater they should be, and how to crawl low in smoke.

The kinder kids crawled underneath a blanket to show them how low they need to crawl to escape a house fire.

The fire fighters told the children not to hide or be scared of the firemen. They talked about how important it is to get out of the house fire and to wait at the letterbox for their mum and dad.

The lucky group of kinder kids all had a turn of squirting the hose and they all saw the flashing lights on the truck. At the end of the visit, the children were able to remember “one metre from the heater”, “stop drop and roll” and “don’t be scared of the firemen”.

Well done to Mark, David and Jason – home fire safety messages important for any age group.

Last Updated: 29 July 2013