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Stratford Streets

By: Martha Johnson

Category: Community Safety

  9.41 AM 12 March, 2014

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Stratford Brigade do their bit to prepare their community

A big congratulations to Stratford local fire brigade, who over this fire season, have held five street corner meetings to talk about bushfire preparedness.

A street corner meeting is exactly what it sounds likes. The brigade meets on a particular street corner in their town and residents from that street (and others close by) are invited to come along and have a chat about their bushfire preparedness. This is an initiative that Stratford Fire Brigade began doing in 2012, and have done it every fire season since. Each year the community interest grows.

Not only have the volunteers given up their own time to facilitate and put these meetings together, but they have also managed to engage with 105 people in their community. This is a massive effort and we want to personally acknowledge the brigade for their achievements.

Last Updated: 12 March 2014