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Strathewen Bushfire Education wins top award

  • Strathewen Primary School students proudly holding the 2017 Resilient Australia Award for Victoria.
  • Strathewen Primary School students proudly holding the 2017 Resilient Australia Award for Victoria.
  • MP Harriet Shing, EMC Craig Lapsley, Strathewen Primary Principal Jane Hayward, Arthurs Creek Strathewen Brigade member Lisal O’Brien and Strathewen Primary students proudly holding the 2017 Resilient Australia Award for Victoria

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  3.21 PM 5 October, 2017

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The Strathewen Bushfire Education Partnership has been awarded the 2017 Resilient Australia Award for Victoria in the education division for their Claymation project, ‘If You Care, Stay Aware and Be Prepared - a message from Gem Gem'.  

The short film looks at what a family, living in the bush, needs to do when the Fire Danger Rating reaches its higher levels - leave the area early to stay safe.

The partnership between Strathewen Primary School and the Arthurs Creek-Strathewen Fire Brigade was established in 2016 with the support of the CFA Survive and Thrive program. 

Lisal O’Brien from the Arthurs Creek Strathewen Fire Brigade has been involved in the project from day one alongside the Strathewen Primary School Principal Jane Hayward.

“The whole team including Jane and myself are very thankful for the grants we received which have helped to bring this project to life,” said Lisal.

“The Foundation of Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR) and the Strathewen Bushfire Relief Company both contributed to cover costs of production.

“Grade 5 and 6 students met with brigade members every week and worked on a range of topics, with outside experts coming in to chat with the students when necessary. 

“The learning areas we focused on included map reading, topography, using and reading specialised instruments, such as the fine fuels moisture meter, inclinometer, whirling psychrometer and the McArthur meter.”

“This knowledge was instrumental when creating the Claymation.

Community members also participated in sessions, assisting students with character, prop and backdrop creation for the Claymation. 

“Gozer Media were entrusted with putting all of the footage together and have done a phenomenal job.

Aside from making an excellent educational video, the Claymation project has strengthened community relationships.

"The partnership has created a very special bond between the school, the brigade and the wider community,” Lisal said.

“We have been lucky enough to work alongside such a supportive and encouraging Principal and we’re excited for our future projects with the school.

Principal of the Strathewen Primary School Jane Hayward said she is pleased to see how well received the project has been within the community.

"Our community has embraced and supported the project all the way along and we couldn't be more proud of the final product,” said Jane.

“We’re honoured to receive this special award and our students are absolutely delighted to have their work recognised in this way.”

Last Updated: 09 October 2017