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Students share fire education with families

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Community Safety

  2.52 PM 17 December, 2014

Location: District 7 News

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Anglesea Primary School students have become fire aware through a partnership with their town’s fire brigade and are now running workshops to educate their families.

By Emma Taunt

The 12 grade 5 students have spent the past year working with Anglesea Fire Brigade members to learn bushfire behaviour and other skills including familiarisation with the station, field weather instruments and an introduction to radio communication.

The students explored both burnt and untouched bushland surrounding Anglesea where they learnt about fire, and its relationship to weather and the landscape. Experts from the community were involved along the way to complement their learning, including staff from Department of Environment and Primary Industries who covered planned burns.

Making connections is a key part of the program and the students interviewed locals who had experienced bushfire, in particular Ash Wednesday. They also interviewed two key brigade members from Arthurs Creek-Strathewen about their experience on Black Saturday.

On 11 December, the students held workshops with their families and some of the most influential people working in fire and community resilience, including Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley, to pass on their learning. And next year, the students will present a revised and enhanced program to members of the community.

Local photographer Rebecca Hosking captured the students with their subjects and her photographs were showcased at the 'After the Ashes' exhibition on 13 December at Anglesea Fire Station.

Last Updated: 18 December 2014