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Supporting local people to solve local problems

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  4.22 PM 17 April, 2015

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If one line could sum up CFA's draft Service Delivery Strategy for 2015-2020 it's "Supporting local people to solve local problems" according to CFA Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes.

The draft strategy is currently in consultation phase and CFA members are being encouraged to provide their feedback by filling out a short survey.

Further information and copies of the draft strategy are available here.

DCO Haynes is asking members to consider whether the following 4 strategic objectives will take CFA in the right direction:

Strategic Objective 1 - Empowering and sustaining the frontline: Our frontline leaders are supported to solve local problems. Communities are supported by a viable volunteer and career workforce.

Strategic Objective 2 - Transforming service delivery to meet local needs: a suite of service delivery options are available for local implementation.

Strategic Objective 3 - working with communities: communities participate in emergency management activities, before, during and after an emergency.

Strategic Objective 4 - Strengthening relationships through collaboration: CFA is a leader in building collaboration and standardisation across the emergency management environment.

The closing date for the survey is May 1 so please click here and take 5 minutes to have your say. A simple yes or no is enough for most questions or you can provide extra feedback as required.

Last Updated: 20 April 2015