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Take care with ride-on mowers

By: Geoff Schmidt

Category: Community Safety, Incidents - Bushfire

  8.43 AM 25 December, 2017

Location: District 14 News

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A grass fire at Arthurs Creek on Saturday 23 December was started by a ride-on mower.

The property owner had correctly prepared his property by slashing his paddocks prior to the start of the fire season. He was using his ride-on mower to run an errand on his property - he wasn't even mowing. 

When he stopped to collect some items, the grass around the mower caught alight, probably from the exhaust pipe.

The result was a grass fire that burnt 5 acres before it was brought under control. It could have travelled a lot further if the paddocks hadn't been slashed.

Property owners need to be aware of the dangers of ride-on mowers in paddocks. The exhausts are often low to the ground and the petrol engines can run hot.

Arthurs Creek's three tankers and FCV were assisted by Hurstbridge tankers 1 and 2, Doreen tanker, St Andrews Tanker and ultralight, Yarrambat tanker 1, and the 1st and 3rd deputy group officers.

Last Updated: 28 December 2017