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Taking it to the streets – LMS launching in March

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  12.18 PM 18 January, 2017

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Last month we ran the first Taking it to the streets video, which provided an overview of how our training programs will be planned and delivered in the future. 

By DCO Gregg Paterson

For today’s instalment of the series, I’d like to share details for the rollout of the new Learning Management System (LMS) set to launch in March this year.

As I’ve mentioned previously, our mission right here and now is to make sure all CFA members receive the training they want and need operationally. The new LMS is crucial in supporting our delivery of the CFA Learning Action Plan, which was endorsed by the Organisational Leadership Team in 2016.  

Replacing our current training systems (TRAIN and webTRAIN), the LMS will provide a modern platform for CFA to deliver traditional and digital training programs. It is the same system being implemented by Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) and SES, and will be accessible for all CFA members.

We are working very hard to digitalise our training programs, particularly from the theoretical perspective. Digital learning will open up opportunities and bring our enhanced learning into the 21 century.

The project team is currently working on migrating all CFA’s training data to the new system, which means that all data entry into webTRAIN needs to be completed by Thursday 9 February.

After this date, you will still be able to use TRAIN and webTRAIN to view your records, complete nominations and check training results. All these functions will then be transferred to LMS when the system goes live in March 2017.

Quick reference guides, training manuals and user training schedules will roll out during February for Brigade Training Officers and Group Training Officers.

To view a full update on the LMS from myself and Natalie Kenely, the LMS Change Manager, click here:

Still need more information?

  • Talk to your Regional Training Team
  • Download the FAQs from Brigades Online/CFA Online
  • Contact the project team directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         
  • Take part in the LMS Implementation Yammer Group

In the next edition I’ll chat about the rollout of our Chainsaw Training Program.

Until then, stay safe, and look after yourselves. 


Last Updated: 25 January 2017