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Talking and walking ‘safety first’

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  1.16 PM 30 January, 2017

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CFA has turned up the ante on safety with a tool called ‘Safety Share.’

‘Safety Share’ aims to significantly increase the number of safety-related conversations that occur formally – and informally – around CFA.

“A ‘Safety Share’ is where a leader, volunteer or staff member speaks to a safety-related issue as the first agenda item in a formal meeting,” explains Damien Kook, CFA’s Executive Manager of Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

“A ‘Safety Share’ can draw on an experience at home, in public or at work. The goal is to get people talking regularly about safety using their personal experiences,” says Damien.

“‘Safety Share’ is a highly effective tool for developing a more proactive safety culture.”

‘Safety Shares’ are now the number one agenda item at all CFA Board and OLT meetings and will soon be the top agenda item at formal meetings within CFA. This includes all regional, district, training, DMO, project and team-based meetings.

“The more we talk about safety, the better we live our ‘Safety First’ value. Experience has shown that these conversations can trigger actions that help protect people in the face of risk,” says Damien.

A guideline that explains all aspects of a ‘Safety Share’ has been sent to your team leader.

In short:

  • A ‘Safety Share’ will become the No.1 agenda item at all formal CFA meetings
  • It only needs to take up 3-5 minutes of the meeting
  • Anyone can share a safety message – it involves all of us
  • Topics can include personal reflections, discussions around operational issues, lessons learnt from other workplaces or industries – anything that will make us think a little more about our safety.

If you have any questions about Safety Shares, please contact Damien Kook, Executive Manager of Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing, or your Regional Health, Safety and Environment Advisors.

Last Updated: 01 February 2017