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Tanker burn-over, bravery awards, WebTRAIN

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 3 May, 2013

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Bravery Awards:
We have been contacted by the Royal Humane Society of Australasia. RHS is seeking reports of recent acts of bravery. Since 1874, the RHSA has considered the nominations of 11,500 people and has made 7,800 awards.

The essential element for a case to be deemed worth of an award is that the rescuer must risk his/her life to save or attempt to save the lives of others. Application should be submitted as soon as possible following the incident. Application Forms can be downloaded from The RHSA is another way to publicly recognise the courage and fortitude of others.

Integrated Brigades Reference Panel:
Allan Monti, Executive Officer from VFBV advises of the Integrated Brigades Reference Panel formed to ramp up support for integrated brigades both current and future. The Panel draws on senior volunteers from a cross section of Integrated Brigades. Ocean Grove Captain Steve Gibbs represents a brigade on the integration journey (albeit early days). RC Mike Owen has kindly given his time to work with this panel initially and provided a strong insight into how integration should work. OO Mark Kennedy has also been engaged as the Roweville integration process develops. One aspect the Panel is focussing on is the development of an "Integrated Brigade Code Of Practice" that collects the combined experience and wisdom. Not a prescriptive document, but a guidance or reference manual. This Panel will be an important forum for mapping out integration into the future.

Crew Protection System Nearing Completion:
A total of 844 CFA tankers have received enhanced crew protection systems. Features include radiant heat protective curtains, water-spraying systems, heat-shielding panels and upgraded intercom communication systems. Vehicles produced after 2006 are already fitted with crew protection systems. The final truck, earmarked for upgrade under the three-year Crew Protection Retrofit Program, was completed on 26 April. Because the program has been delivered before time and under budget, a further 74 trucks will be retrofitted. This has been a $23 million project (which covers development, testing, installation and ongoing maintenance). The program was rolled out statewide with appliance upgrades taking place at CFA's 13 District Mechanical Workshops. The program has generated additional employment with CFA hiring an extra 25 District Mechanical Officers (DMOs) to undertake the project. DMO's have played a huge role in delivering this successful program. We thank them for their collective skill, care and attention.

Napoleons Tanker Burn-Over:
The crew protection system had proven its worth during the fire season. One example was when a crew was involved in an incident and a subsequent burnover at the recent Dereel fire, south of Ballarat. The crew received minor injuries when the Brigade-owned tanker they were travelling in collided with a tree in thick smoke. As a result, the truck became immobilised and the fire burnt around the vehicle. The firefighters enacted the full crew protection drill and took shelter in their vehicle. CFA investigations confirm that the crew followed the correct procedures as per their training. On speaking with the crew after the incident, they were keen to impress the benefits of carrying out the burnover drill pre-season.

"WebTRAIN was released to brigades in February 2012. During last year many brigades were introduced to the functionality and provided with a Skills Maintenance Drills folder. WebTRAIN is a web-based function ( ) that allows brigades to record skills maintenance completed locally. You can find WebTRAIN by logging on to Brigades On Line / Intranet and going to the Training tab. If brigades do not have access to the internet it is possible to submit skills maintenance reports by phone by calling the FIRS operators on 1800 62 88 44. Skill maintenance can be based on one the drills from the drills folder or a single activity or multiple activities. We have received some feedback and would welcome more. If you need assistance in gaining access to WebTRAIN or help in how to use the system please contact your Training Department or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="Email training" mce_' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy3227 + '\'>'+addy_text3227+'<\/a>'; //-->."

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