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Technology update

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 5 January, 2013

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Given the extreme and severe weather conditions across the state yesterday, the problems experienced with the CFA website and FireReady app, were unfortunately disappointing for us all.

Importantly though, the technology issues must not detract from the fact that our members, both firefighters and support staff are continuing to do an exceptional job in the field protecting the lives and property of all Victorians in this searing summer heat. For this, we applaud you and thank you for your continued dedication and professionalism.

The combined efforts of CFA, DSE, Parks Victoria, Department of Health and many other partner agencies contributed to a good outcome for Victorians under the extreme weather conditions.

Since the website issues were uncovered, we have been working methodically with our service providers to investigate and eliminate possible causes of these problems. The developers of the FireReady app acknowledge the app caused problems with the running of CFA's website which resulted in a reduced service to our users.

As a result, yesterday we increased the capacity of our website substantially to allow for the significant number of new visitors and app downloads.

We have also been working closely with DSE's technology team, to provide additional back-up support for our website. This is however only a short term solution and we are continuing to work throughout the weekend to resolve the issues. The website is functioning well at this time and will continue to be closely monitored.

In order to ensure this does not occur again, I have also been working with the Fire Services Commissioner, DSE and suppliers to investigate how and why this occurred.

My priority now is to ensure we do our utmost to maintain the confidence of both the Victorian public and the confidence of our members in our CFA systems.

I will continue to keep you updated over the coming days.

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