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Telling a Juniors VIDEO story

By: Leith Hillard

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  11.20 AM 18 November, 2013

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I started my CFA journey back when I was 12 years old in the Juniors.

Those were the days – just being a kid having fun, taking part in competitions on hot summers nights … and don't forget squirting the leader!

“But, kids, if you get me wet you'll get wet back.”

Story by Chris Taylor

I completed my minimum skills when I turned 16 and am currently an active firefighter with over six years experience. I have been all over the state assisting wherever I can with either fire suppression or staging area assistance. Many older members might think I have no experience when I tell them what to do but that is definitely not the case.

This video was made by Chris at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image during a digital storytelling workshop especially for CFA members.

But being a member of CFA as a firefighter isn't always about jumping on the big red truck going lights and sirens – it’s about helping others. I am also a Juniors leader for CFA and have been interstate and around Victoria helping Juniors develop their leadership skills.
Has Juniors had an impact on my life ? The simple answer is, yes. Being a member of the Junior Volunteer Development program gives you a sense of belonging, teaches you leadership skills and responsibility for both yourself and others.
My CFA plan?  Well, my ambition is to become a career firefighter for CFA so I can make a difference every time I wear that uniform. Every time I'm responding in that truck we know that someone needs us. The feeling you get after knowing that you've just helped someone else is overwhelming and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

Last Updated: 18 November 2013