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Terry hangs up his boots after 30 years as a DGO

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  4.03 PM 11 August, 2017

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Terry Miller has spent the majority of his life serving his community, as a member of the Yanac Fire Brigade and his work with the Lowan Group.

In total Terry has been a member with CFA for 60 years, 30 of which was spent working as a Deputy Group Officer.

Terry joined the Yanac brigade at the age of 16 years old and he still remembers the exact date he registered as a volunteer.

“I registered on the 23rd of January in 1957,” Terry said.

“Up here, everyone was a member of the fire brigade. It was just the thing to do.

It didn’t take too long for Terry to work his way up in the brigade and Terry is a master when it comes to remembering the dates.

“In 1979 I became 1st Lieutenant of the brigade and six years later I was elected as Captain.

“Just two years after becoming Captain I was approached to work for the Lowan Group as 4th Deputy Group Officer.

Again Terry climbed his way to the top holding ranks as 2nd DGO and 1st DGO and only a few weeks ago Terry decided to hang up his DGO boots.

Terry has no plans on slowing down though and will continue to be an active member with the Yanac brigade and his farm where he has resided for 77 keeps him very busy too.

“I also will continue to help the community as a consult advisor for fire prevention with the Mallee Fire Advisory Committee.

With 60 years of experiences under his belt Terry said he has had too many great CFA memories to pick just one.

“Working my way up through the ranks was very rewarding.

“But I would have to say that being able to work with a great bunch of people has been a highlight of my time with CFA.”

Last Updated: 14 August 2017