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Testing times for controllers

  • Level 3 Incident Controller presentation Nov 2013
  • Recipients of the Level 3 Incident COntroller Accreditation, November 2013

By: Sonia Maclean

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  1.01 PM 13 November, 2013

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“You are never too old to learn,” said CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson who was among 15 senior people officially presented with their Level 3 Incident Controller accreditation yesterday (Tuesday 12 November).

Euan said the experience of not only overseeing but completing the course had driven home the value of training for self-development and lifelong learning – and that this went beyond the immediate benefit of on-the-job skills.

"Going through this process I learned a lot of things about myself along the way,” he said.

“There are things now that I know I'd like to improve on that have come out of that.”

Euan believes that a commitment to training, both by the organisation as a whole and by individuals was part of being the best we can be.

“As a CFA member there are a lot of well-developed, professional training programs that you can take advantage of.

“But this doesn't just apply to leaders or even to formal courses. 

“Whether you are a hose-holder or a pump operator, there are always things that you can learn from others and ways that you can improve yourself,” said Euan.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley, who also completed the accrediation, said it was fundamental that we have high-quality training that is not only high quality but consistent across agencies – not just for fire but for managing broader emergencies.

"We have reached the point where this is a mature process, and will keep working to develop our people," he said.

Craig noted that the success of this and a number of other training packages was due in no small part to pioneering work done by DEPI and DSE, as well as ongoing work from the Incident Management Team Training Project. 

The Level 3 accreditation process is carried out over three stages: psychometric testing, scenario testing (where participants follow an incident for a full day) and a joint panel review. The qualification is valid for five years.

Deputy Chief Officer Joe Buffone praised the realistic level of pressure presented by the scenarios.

"Doing this kind of training gives you more confidence about your capacity to do the job, and when you consider the role that our Level 3 Incident Controllers play in protecting lives and communities it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

“It definitely helps you to find out more about yourself.”

A number of personnel from CFA, DEPI, Parks Victoria, SES and MFB have or will have completed the accreditation as part of the current round of testing.

Yesterday’s recipients from CFA included: Paul Blythman, Stuart Broad, Nick Brown, Joe Buffone, Alan Davies, Peter Novotny, Alan Ellis, Trevor Owen, Andrew Payne-Croston, Bill Spears, Gerry
Verdoon, Mike Wassing and Euan Ferguson.

Last Updated: 13 November 2013