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Thank you - from one Vol to another

By: Rayleigh Vandermost

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  3.38 PM 12 November, 2012

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Dear Volunteers

As fire action week and CFA Sunday is nearly here, I started annoying the usual people to get support from our membership, regarding  helping out on CFA Sunday.

On asking one brigade captain whether or not they were participating in CFA Sunday this year, I got this response.

 “No, we opened the station doors last year and not one person called in.”

He was not alone in this response to me.

Getting fire safety messages out to the community is just the same as fighting fires.

We need to go to them!

When our pagers go off we don’t sit at the station waiting for the fire to come to us, we go to it.

I understand people all volunteer for different reasons and becoming a volunteer fire fighter is no easy thing. Many hours of training and commitment are put into becoming a volunteer fire fighter and I thank all those that do it, I truly do, I am one of you.

But if that is you, please don’t forget the many hours of non-operational volunteering that go into visits to our schools and community groups, fundraising and mentoring.

An active non-operational brigade member is also fighting that fire, they just might not be using a hose.

Thank you to those that actively volunteer, you are appreciated.

Sincerely yours

Rayleigh - CFA Volunteer - Fire Safe Kids Presenter, Treasurer, Secretary and last but not least, Fire Fighter.

Last Updated: 12 November 2012