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Thank you from Wye River Fire Brigade

By: Duncan Russell

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  12.36 PM 10 June, 2016

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The members of Wye River Fire Brigade want to acknowledge and pass on our sincere thanks to all the CFA brigades that came to our aid to help us fight the devastating Christmas Day fire that threatened to destroy our entire town. 

By Carolyn Tatchell, Secretary Wye River Fire Brigade

Not only did so many fire crews come so quickly and willingly, but to do so on Christmas Day and the holiday straight after was a double bonus and very much appreciated.

Our little brigade couldn't have managed without all your help. The courage, bravery and mateship of all the CFA brigades that attended to support our township was just phenomenal. In our local fire plan, we didn't expect to have so much support because our access is so very limited, our terrain so very hilly and densely forested, so it was an unexpected reward.

Captain Roy Moriarty said the willing fireys were so very welcome and their bravery and all they did to help us protect homes and infrastructure was fantastic. Roy also received many phone calls of support from brigade captains from all over Victoria and Australia.

When we look back and see how many people were involved, not just from CFA but also from DELWP, SES, EMV and numerous other government bodies, together with the amazing pilots and dozer drivers, it is just amazing.

Also, let us not forget the food which arrived twice a day from somewhere to feed all of us! Thank you.

The whole event was an amazing experience evidenced by the lack of lives lost and the camaraderie of all who were here.

THANK YOU everyone.

Last Updated: 10 June 2016