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Thank you to our volunteer managers

By: Bec McDonald

Category: Honours & Awards, People

  11.43 AM 2 November, 2016

Location: CFA HQ News, General

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This Saturday marks the 17th annual International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMDay), held on 5 November each year – a day to recognise those who enhance and enable the spirit of volunteering.

This year’s theme is Volunteer Management. One Job. Many Hats.

CFA would like to sincerely thank all Group Officers, Captains and Brigade Management Team members for their ongoing support and contribution as Volunteer Managers.

With the Fire Danger Period now looming following an already busy year for CFA members, take some time this weekend to reflect on your successes and achievements as a leader within our organisation.

International Volunteer Managers Day was founded and observed for the first time in 1999. Up until 2005, IVMDay shared its day of celebration with International Volunteers Day on December 5.

We celebrate the profession of volunteer leadership because:

  • volunteer managers have the skills and knowledge to help people be part of the solution in meeting community needs.
  • volunteer managers change lives — both the lives of volunteers themselves and of those served by well-led volunteers. It is a life-changing profession.
  • volunteer managers provide the leadership and direction that allows people to build a good and just society and to mend the social fabric.
Last Updated: 02 November 2016