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Thank you

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 19 February, 2013

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I had left work early to attend the Doreen Fire Station in light of the Grass Fires burning to the North of Melbourne. I received a phone call on the way we had 20 plus Volunteer Fire Fighters at the Station on standby that would need to be fed.

Listening to the radio traffic I knew that we could have Fire Fighters coming and going over night. I decided that we would need to call again on the Ladies of the Doreen CWA to help.

This is a call we do not make lightly as we really appreciate the support we receive from the Ladies of the Doreen CWA and the various local business that assist.

The call to the CWA was made and I was quickly assured they were on to it.

A very short time later trays of food were delivered to the Doreen Fire Station

I in fact enjoyed some sandwiches this morning as a late breakfast after a long night shift with a Strike Team

Thanks to all those involved who come to our aid your efforts do not go unnoticed

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