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Thanks for helping at Licola fire

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Incidents - Bushfire

  4.22 PM 4 March, 2013

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Thanks to the amazing strike team crews that attended the Licola 'call for help' from 18 January to 27 February.

Sadly, I do not have a complete list of each and every crew member or even every brigade that came to Licola and volunteered, stayed over, toured, ate, joked, laughed, blacked out, back burned, tidied up, and generally looked after the township and surrounds. If I did I would send each one a huge and warmest thank you for the efforts you put in.

I know what a long way this is from everyone's homes and families. I know some of the jobs can be a bit lousy - I spent five hours on a rakehoe in 35 degrees Celsius with two groups of blokes on the very steep hill in thick scrub behind our stadium. Sometimes we were higher than we could reach with the rakehoes in order to protect the town's water supply. 

At no point did anyone mention it was a lousy job. On the contrary, both teams never stopped telling jokes and having a laugh and kept going until the job was done. 

This kind of thing is special and you should never underestimate how amazing you are and the appreciation that we as an organisation, a charity, or as a community group feel about the help we received over the past (too many) weeks.

In hindsight, I wish that I had got a picture of the side of every tanker that came through Licola in that period, particularly Jack River. (if you were here at the time you would know why). But I didn't - so please accept this as our thank you to you all. You're an amazing bunch of blokes and women.

Adam Wake
Operations Manager of Licola Wilderness Village and Secretary of Licola Rural Fire Brigade

Last Updated: 04 March 2013