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Thanks Max

By: Warren Mitchelson

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  5.56 PM 11 October, 2014

Location: District 14 News

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The Whittlesea Diamond Valley (WDV Group is part of the Country Fire Authority and, like most CFA brigades, is staffed entirely by volunteers.

The WDV Group of Fire Brigades recently presented a certificate of appreciation to Max Kirwan.  Max Kirwan Mazda has been an ongoing and much valued supporter of the Group.  Over five years ago, Max generously provided a new Mazda BT50 for the use of the Group and he has updated the vehicle every two/three years since that time – the third vehicle having just been fitted-out.

Its members are drawn from the fire brigades located in a large area from Whittlesea in the north to Diamond Creek in the south – the Group provides support and coordination for these brigades.

The BT50 is an invaluable resource for the Group.  It has been fitted with flashing lights, sirens and communications equipment and is put to a multitude of uses both during incident response and in the day-to-day running of the Group.  These include leading strike teams at major fires, providing essential transport for fire-ground commanders, transporting relief crews and providing communications support.

The certificate, kindly produced by Trevor D’Ambrosio from TD Images, will be displayed in Max Kirwan’s Preston showroom.  It shows an image of the current BT50 parked outside Diamond Creek Fire Station, where the presentation took place.

Members of the Group who attended the presentation were very interested to hear of the extent of Max Kirwan’s quiet work within the community; with activities ranging from supplying vehicles for community groups to providing a commercial kitchen for food preparation for the needy together with other Mazda dealers.  They told Max that they are very impressed with the BT50’s handling and performance and assured him that it plays an important role in the vital work of the Group.  Max’s generosity is greatly appreciated.

Last Updated: 13 October 2014