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That person at a Christmas party

By: Michelle Taylor

Category: People

  1.44 PM 27 November, 2013

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Did you hear about the girl that pashed that guy from accounts?  What about the guy from admin who fell over on the dance floor?

Christmas after party chat can be fun – unless of course you are the one being discussed.

You can still have a great time at the Christmas party but don’t go overboard.

The Christmas party be it at the office, fire station, local pub or cafe, even though it’s a relaxed format, is still a work function and you are still representing CFA .  It can be really easy to get carried away with the festivities and make a fool of yourself.

You should 100% have a good time but don’t be fooled, you’re not at a nightclub or schoolies.

 At the very least your reputation is a stake.

There are a couple of golden rules for Christmas parties

  • Don’t get drunk – that’s where everything has the potential to go haywire.  We think we
    are funny, our standards drop and judgement becomes impaired.  Things we would never think of saying, easily slip out of our mouths.  It is very hard to repair damage done whilst drunk.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Don’t drink and post online.
  • Dress for style, not sex appeal.
  • If you are taking group photo’s to upload online, seek the permission of everyone in the photo before uploading.

Things that may get you into hot water the next day:

  • Even though you think your jokes are hilarious, your colleges may not
  • Poor taste/inappropriate Kris Kringle present
  • Making a pass at a work college, married co-worker or client may not be the best idea
  • Dutch courage after a few drinks and telling the boss/Captain/OIC what you think of them again not a great idea and could have you being summoned to their office for a talk about your opinions
Last Updated: 01 December 2013