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The CFA Mission

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 14 February, 2011

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At its January meeting the Board endorsed this new mission statement for CFA: "CFA is a community based fire and emergency service whose mission is to protect lives and property." This is a very important statement for CFA. It gives the whole organisation a clear focus and outcome to strive for. No matter who we are, or what position we hold in the organisation, our mission is the same: "To protect lives and property". The mission statement gives prominence to the protection of life. This was a matter that was highlighted in the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. This mission gives us a clear and unambiguous goal that will motivate everything that we do in CFA. It will influence how we structure the organisation, how we allocate resources and how we measure our success. Over the coming months you will hear many references to the mission as we focus on supporting our people at the front line and those who are delivering our services to the community.

Provision Of Extra Funding To Meet Personal Protective Clothing Shortfall:

At the January CFA Board meeting, the Board committed that any shortfall in funding for the current structural Personal Protective Clothing program for items such as gloves, boots and helmets will be met by the PPC replacement roll-out program. Recognising that PPC is the most important piece of equipment that operational fire fighters possess, and in line with CFA's commitment to "Safety First", CFA will audit and identify any shortfalls then allocate funding to ensure the shortfall is met. The outcome will be that there is sufficient funding to enable every firefighter issued with the new structural PPC will also have structural gloves, boots and helmets issued.

Flood of"THANKS":

Southern Regional Manager Peter Schmidt has sent his thanks for last weekend's outer Metro flood event. Says Peter: "The many instances of proactive initiatives implemented by members have no doubt avoided further property damage in many instances. Such dedicated efforts displayed and the willing engagement by so many of you to serve fellow Victorians does not go unnoticed. Thanks again and be proud of your achievements." Meanwhile Loddon Mallee Regional Manager Pat O'Brien tells us that: "Our flood response support to SES and municipalities in LMR is continuing and is likely to do so for another fortnight or more in Districts 18 and 20. We are also committed to a widespread and demanding internal recovery process focussed on CFA volunteers and staff who have been affected by the floods as well as rehabilitation of damaged CFA infrastructure. I envisage that this internal recovery process will continue for several months. Pat expresses his "sincere gratitude to so many of staff and volunteers from across the State who have helped us in Strike Teams, in specialist response and support roles, in Dotcoms, Its and District Command Centres across LMR during both response and recovery. All have fitted in smoothly to multiple teams, added great value to SES, VICPOL, municipal and our own operations and have represented CFA exceptionally well."Ladies and Gents, once again - a fine effort! Fantastic work! Thank you and well done!

Volunteer Leaders Program:

Nominations are now open for the AFAC Volunteer Leaders Programs2011. This is an outstanding course. Previous participants rate it very highly. It is a five day residential program conducted at the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) in Manly. It is open to volunteer members of fire and emergency services agencies from Australia and New Zealand. Information on the course can be found on the AFAC website, or by contacting Mandy Burton in Volunteer Services (03 9262 8216).

Emergency Services Foundation Scholarships:

Applications are also invited for Emergency Services Foundation Scholarships. Applicants will propose a field of study or endeavour associated with a travel proposal of about four weeks. The Emergency Services Foundation contributes to the cost of the travel and research undertaken. Applicants should check with their manager before applying to Mandy Burton (03 9262 8216).

Quote of the week:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

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