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The Chief fights a fire in Trawool

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Incidents - Bushfire

  1.53 PM 5 April, 2015

Location: District 12 News

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Chief Officer Euan Ferguson and his wife Kristen travelled to Tallarook Fire Station, south of Seymour, to support an art fundraising event, but ended up fighting a fire in Trawool.

The Easter fundraising event at Tallarook features the works of several local artists, and money raised from sales will be donated to the brigade.

As Euan and Kristen were leaving the station, a fire broke out in Trawool on very steep ground covered in dry bracken and thick bush, and Euan and Kristin hitched a ride on the Tallarook tanker to join the firefighters! 

The fire ran hard for two days.

In the photo are Euan, Kristen, Jamie McElroy and Ron Clarke. They all eventually worked their way to the top of the hill.

The photo was taken by Tallarook Captain Mark Webster.

Last Updated: 29 April 2015