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The ESO Blood Challenge 2016 - July up-date

By: John Lloyd

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  12.01 PM 25 July, 2016

Location: General

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VicPOL are only 20 donations in front!

As of Monday morning 25 July 2016 the score is as follows:-

VicPOL = 425

CFA = 405

AV = 176

VicSES = 112

DEWLP = 96

MFB = 59

Last Monday in Bendigo VFF Trevor Strauch of the Huntly Fire Brigade made a milestone donation - 200 donations of whole blodd & Plasma (Not sure what his arms look like!).  This is a fantastic effort and he has registered all of his donations onbehalf of CFA in Challenges and as a regular donor.

As we run towards August 31 and the end of the 2016 Emergency Services Challenge can I request a push to enable us to eclipse VicPOL.  If you are fit & well please "roll up your sleeves" and donate during a Donor Bus visit or at one of th local Donor Centres across the State.

Last Updated: 25 July 2016