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The Flagpole

By: Robert Bury

Category: People

  11.00 AM 25 April, 2012

Location: General

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I don't know when I first noticed that the Fire Station did not have a Flagpole but it got me to thinking that we perhaps should.

As I  drove around the country side I noticed that other Fire Stations  had them some as many as three flagpoles out the front

It seemed every one has a flagpole except us

When the station was built did they forget to deliver one?

We were provided with an Australian Flag just nowhere to fly it

I started to ask questions no one seemed to know  the answer

Up and down the bureaucratic chain Members of Parliament, The CFA Management, Captains, Leuitenant's and Volunteers alike no one knew the reason why or how in fact to remedy the situation.

A group of members decided we needed to stop mucking about and get one ourselves.

A motion was put forward at the next Brigade Meeting it passed and an order was placed for our very own flagpole.

The Flagpole was duly delivered and a day was set aside to dig the hole for the foundations

To my surprise a lot of members turned out to assist and the flagpole was raised in the appropriate position at the front of the station.

It seemed that the Flagpole had inspired a lot of the members it seemed right and proper to have one.

The Australian Flag now flys proudly at the Fire Station and seems to have instilled a heightened level of Pride in our Brigade.

In fact the comments have all been positive except now I'm told I need to have 2 more flagpoles to fly other flags that are required by protocol  in this politically correct age.

My response is I'm happy to fly your flag you just need to provide me with the flagpole.

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