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The importance of CFA's emergency medical response

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Health & Safety, Operational Information

  10.52 AM 23 March, 2017

Location: General

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CFA brigades trained to administer emergency medical response (EMR) co-respond with Ambulance Victoria (AV) to a select group of Priority Triple Zero calls, best summarised as ‘not conscious, not breathing or breathing uncertain’.

If the brigade is first on scene, it provides medical treatment of symptoms until paramedics arrive and the patient is handed over. EMR tasks range from setting up spine boards and ventilation through to starting compressions and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to administering oxygen and defibrillation.

“We’ve got an ambulance responding exactly the same time as our crews,” said CFA’s EMR Coordinator Ryan Baxter.

“Whether it’s the AV crew or the CFA crew, it’s a time-critical incident where we want to get there as quickly as possible to instigate some medical intervention.”

CFA has recently produced a video to showcase the growing number of brigades trained to carry out EMR. Watch the video here.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017