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The Kindness of Strangers

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 15 November, 2011

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06.54 Saturday morning it's a day off in more ways than one

My wife Carole's away so its do what you want day at our house (Well Almost)

First thing is breakfast

A pot of tea just like my Nanna used to make before tea bags

Thick slices of raisin toast smothered in butter this is going to be good

All is ready Teas poured into a china cup (with saucer of course) butters melting through the toast

It's going to be a good breakfast

An all too familiar sound shatters the silence

The pager is vibrating and screeching next to the car keys at the front door

My eyesight's fading I don't bother to read the message

In a flash Im out the door into the car and of to the station

It turns out to be a washaway Code 3 shouldn't take to long

Alas 40 litres of white paint mixed with the falling rain is making a bit of a mess of one of the main thoroughfares of our tree change environment

We block the road and dam the drains least the paint contaminates the wetlands

The Captain contacts the Council it's a 45 minute wait before they will get there

As my stomach rumbles I think of my breakfast cooling on the bench back at home

I look around I can see we are all in need of a coffee or something

(Except for the new recruit in his bright yellow turnout gear it's his first job that he's been paged to and he's made the truck he is just plain excited to be here)

The council guy arrives and it's decided we need a Street Sweeper no worries that will be here in about an hour (Did I mention its raining)

Unexpectedly a couple watching us from their front step ask if we would all like a cup of tea or coffee

Up goes the garage door the tray on the back of the Ute becomes a makeshift table

Hot Tea & Coffee is just what the doctor ordered in small groups we rotate through the garage and enjoy our warming beverages

Naturally a conversation starts between our benefactors they are a bit surprised when they learn that we are all volunteers and no one is getting paid to be here

Having moved from the city they had thought they still enjoyed a paid Fire Service

We thanked them for their kindness and moved back into the rain to await the street sweeper which eventually arrived and sucked up most of the paint

I arrived home 3 hours after I left my breakfast on the Bench

The Tea and Toast stone cold

No Matter it will soon be time for Lunch unless the pager calls again

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