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The need for vigilance

By: Joe Buffone

Category: Operational Information

  9.35 AM 17 November, 2015

Location: General

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In light of the tragic events in France over the weekend, it is important that we are vigilant and continue to take appropriate safety precautions.  The following advice is reiterated:

• When attending incidents, exercise heightened vigilance.  In the event of any concerns, notify VicFire and ask that Police attend, then withdraw to a safe location to await police attendance.

• CFA members should minimise wearing their uniform when off duty and remove agency lanyards.    

• I remind members to make sure when entering CFA secured premises that doors are properly closed and visitors are properly escorted. Any suspicious activity is to be reported.

• Please consider carefully any posts on social media that may identify you as a CFA member.  You should refrain from commenting on current security events and terrorist activities in general.

• Participation in planned community events should continue as usual.  If you have any specific concerns, then you should raise these with your catchment officer or event organisers.

This is a matter that none of us can be complacent about.  However, we must exercise our judgment and take reasonable precautions which will be balanced against continuing to serve the community and carry out our day to day responsibilities. Security and threat levels continue to be discussed with Victoria Police Command, Emergency Management Commissioner and other Emergency Service agencies in order to determine what actions, if any, are required to safeguard the wellbeing of CFA people. I will continue to keep you updated on any developments and provide further information and guidance as it becomes available.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families, the people of Paris and our French counterparts who witnessed and responded to these scenes of atrocity.

Last Updated: 18 March 2016