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The new Glengarry Fire Station

  • Russel Northe, State Member for Morwell, Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells, Glengarry Fire Brigade Captain Brian Holman.
  • The new Glengarry Fire Station

By: Emily Haala

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  1.22 PM 2 December, 2013

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The Glengarry community came together on Sunday 24 November 2013 to pay tribute to members of the township’s fire brigade and to officially open their new fire station and receive the keys to a new 2.4C Tanker.  The new fire station represents the amalgamation of Glengarry Rural and Glengarry West Fire Brigades.  The opening of the station was a great day for the future of the brigade, and equally important to recognise the people who built both brigades.

The Honourable Kim Wells Minister for Police and Emergency Services unveiled the memorial plaque for the new station and handed the keys for the new 2.4C Medium Tanker to Brigade Captain, Brian Holman.

The new station is the second fire station for the Brigade. In the late 1950’s a Nissan Hut was used and prior to this appliances were stored in sheds on farms. In 1973 the first official Fire Station for Glengarry West was built by members of the Brigade. Glengarry Fire Brigade didn’t receive their first official fire station until 10 years later in 1983. The shed was built by members of the Brigade and current members, Ian Christensen and George Waltham, had significant involvement in the construction. The new station, with improved meeting and training facilities, enhances and strengthens the brigade’s relationship with the community as well as allows them to provide improved service to the community.

The new tanker was funded through the vehicle replacement program and adds to the fire fighting capabilities of the brigade, allowing easier access to difficult terrain. It also boosts the newly amalgamated brigade’s fire fighting capacity.

Guests and members celebrated service to the Glengarry community and CFA with service awards being presented. 

 Awards on the day were:

 Brian D’Arcy – 5 year certificate

Matt Fraser – 5 year certificate

Lachlan MacDougall – 5 year certificate

Adam Chesterton – 5 year Certificate

Ian Ashworth – 10 year medal

David Barr – 10 year medal

Greg Steer – 10 year medal

Kay Berry – 10 year medal

Rod Higginson – 10 year medal

Lindsay Osborne – 10 year medal

Ben Van Hooydonk – 10 year medal

Adam Waltham – 15 year medal

Andrew Lawrence – 15 year medal

Rodney MacDougall – 15 year medal

Susan Markham – 20 year medal

Gregory Cahir – 20 year medal

Gary Larmont – 20 year medal

Chris Farmer – 20 year medal

Darren Hackett – 20 year medal

Graeme Chesterton – 25 year medal

Mark Van Hooydonk – 25 year medal

Norman Inglis – 25 year medal

Donald Duncan – 30 year medal

Joy Waltham – 35 year medal

Wendy Farmer – 35 year medal

Brian Holman – 35 year medal

 Glengarry Brigade Life Memberships

Donald Duncan

Joy Waltham

Ken Markham

George Waltham

Glengarry West Brigade Life Memberships

Helen Henry

Wendy Farmer

David Farmer

Ian Christensen

Last Updated: 02 December 2013