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The New Pager

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 4 August, 2013

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It was with some trepidation that I attended the meeting where we would be issued our new pagers.

I had read a few reports and listened to the scuttlebutt doing the rounds.

It did not feel right handing in a pager that had provided me with information for the last 5 years.
Reflecting back it was not really the same pager the holster had been replaced many times due to breakages and updates and the pager itself had been replaced once or twice. ( A bit like grandfathers Axe the younger members may need to ask an older member what I mean by that)
There were quite a few people at the meeting I resolved I would wait to the end a sort of act of defiance but suddenly my name was called I was to be one of the first.
Now I'm not sure if this was because I was a Lieutenant or due to the fact I was older and would need more time and assistance in setting the new pager up.
Pager, DVD and 2 lots of written instructions in hand I retired to the quiet of the Station kitchen to see if I could turn the thing on.
As usual I did not read any instructions deciding I could do this easy. Well after a few frustrating minutes I was able to turn it on.A step in the right direction I thought. That's when the fun stopped I had no idea what had to happen next so I reluctantly started to read the instructions
Whilst I'm there trying to grasp the idea that the red button is not the stop button the young new recruits entered with their pagers all set up.
It's easy just do this and with lighting fast hands alerts were being set and new features discovered.
Eventually I got mine sorted with a lot of help from the younger members and reading the instructions.
Many of us struggled that the time and date was not set but we should have listened at the briefing that it would update automatically
(I do know a few members spent many hours looking for the time and date function)
The next leap of faith would the new pager alert me to a call out?
The following day in my office during a meeting there was this strange noise that I could not quite place.
We all thought my computer was malfunctioning it turned out to be an Admin Message on the pager.
Ok that part works what about the emergency page? In my mind I was not convinced that we had set it up properly.As it turned out that night the pager started vibrating and shrieking we had a job to attend too.
Being much more comfortable with the new pager now so I'm considering changing some of the tones soon just not quite yet.
I will probably wait until I've read the instructions and a few of the more technically minded youngsters are around just in case.
Thank you old Pager you served me well but time has moved on and I hope the new Pager will do as good a job as you did.
"A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."
Mark Twain
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