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The public says thanks

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 18 January, 2013

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Thousands of messages of support, praise and thanks to CFA continue to light up our Facebook page, acknowledging the exceptional work done by our members around Victoria.

Some of those messages are collected here - just a snapshot of the outpouring of admiration coming in now through a range of CFA channels.

Know that your neighbours and the wider Victorian community are grateful for your hard work and look forward to you getting home safely to your families.

A message from Michael

"Just a quick note to say thank you for everything that each and every one of you do in helping keep us all safe.

Several months ago my wife and I planned/booked a trip for our young family to "dot" our way along the Victorian SW coast over the school holidays. Given the recent fire activity in the area, we relied on updates from your web site to decide where we could safely travel (and more importantly, where not to). We have just returned safely home to Melbourne after a wonderful trip.

Yup, sure, there were a few plans that we had to change or abandon but we made those choices based on the always very up-to-date and accurate information that we obtained via your web site. On my family's behalf I than(k) you and please know that we don't take the CFA's amazing work for granted.

Our thoughts and safest wishes go out to all the guys and girls working so hard to protect us all. Please don't feel obligated to take the time to reply, your actions speak much louder than words."

A message from Tracey

"As a resident of Warrandyte and affected by the risk from the Kangaroo Ground fire today, my heartfelt thanks go to all the wonderful members of the CFA who risk everything to save people, their property and our countryside. I pray for all your members' safety and wellbeing and thank you again for your selfless acts of bravery."

A sample of Facebook messages

Haley says, "To all the firefighters/SES/Ambulance/Police who are out there, you're doing an amazing job, BE PROUD because we are proud of you".

Diane says, "You guys do the most amazing job. Thankyou, from all Australians. You all should get Australian of the year every year."

Kylie says, "I really truly give my thanks to all the hard working cfa. Without you guys and girls we would be done for. Love your work and appreciate it."

Joy says, "Keep up the good work. You guys doing a great job".

Beaau says, "Best of luck to all those brave firefighters out there".

Carolyn says, "Good luck CFA and all agencies out there today. Go kick its butt!"

Lou Lou says, "Good luck everyone and good luck to the strike teams being sent out from around the state. Be safe and stay hydrated".

Chris says, "Thank you for all you have done, you're all true heroes".

Greg says, "Stay safe guys and girls, watch out for each other, come home safe".

Coby says, "Stay safe everyone and go the CFA!!!!"

Tanie says, "CFA guys, u are all doing a great job. Keep it up. Please stay safe also".

Isobel says, "Local coverage and info from CFA and the Sale ABC is awesome, great work guys".

Mylee says, "The CFA are amazing!"

Jackie says, "God bless all those firefighters for trying their hardest to keep us safe when they have families of their own also".

Jo says, "A big thank you to the cfa for the wonderful job you are doing".

Kerryn says, "Well done cfa. U r truly amazing people".

Sandi says, "Thank you for all that you do to inform us and keep us safe".

Rosie says, "You're all doing a fantastic job and we all thanku".

Barbara says, "Thank you for the timely updates and to all the fireys out there a huge Thank You".

Deb says, "Heaps of thanks to all the fireys and other people who put others safety and wellbeing on high priority".

Claire says, "I can't believe how lucky we are to have our CFA out there in the worst conditions... You will never know what each and every one of you means to me."

Pauline says, "You guys are amazing. Thank you for all you do, take care guys".

Jo says, "Be safe everyone fighting the fires up there".

Cathy says, "Where would we be without the CFA. Great job team".

Ricky says, "Top work guys and girls, top work".

Theresa says, "Great job to our volunteer firefighters".

Lorraine says, "Thanks CFA as always you do a fantastic job".

Catherine says, "Thank God for these hardworking dedicated men & women who fight the fires".

Kathryn says, "Brilliant job CFA...we are in Upper Pak and were seriously worried...but extremely thankful for the quick action of the CFA".

Barbara-Louisa says, "HEROES...that's the CFA".

Barb says, "Big thanks to the hard working CFA crews".

Susan says, "Would like to say Thank-you to the CFA for keeping the public informed. You are all amazing and do an amazing job."

There are thousands more messages like this on the CFA Facebook page.

The public wishes you and your crew well; they are interested in your work and concerned for your safety and wellbeing.

To all our members: stay safe, look after yourselves and your crew, and keep up the good work.  We are proud of you.

All the best,
Mick Bourke

Last Updated: 10 December 2015