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The Summer Campaign - what's next?

By: Deb Robieson

Category: Community Safety

  8.52 AM 29 November, 2012

Location: CFA HQ News

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Now that the excitement of Fire Action Week and CFA Sunday is over, it’s the perfect time to talk about what else is in store for the 2012-13 Summer Fire Safety Campaign.

Here’s an update on some of the key elements…

Community engagement

As mentioned in the Connect article on 18 September, conversations with our communities are the bedrock of this year’s campaign. 

“Our members talk with their communities every day and as part of their normal summer fire safety education and awareness activities have already got lots planned for the summer, including stands at local farmers markets or field days, and delivering around a thousand Fire Ready Victoria meetings,” said Mark Sullivan, Executive Director Communities & Communications at CFA.

“The campaign is giving us support to implement additional local engagement activities, as well as for robust evaluation of our efforts so we can see exactly where we get best bang for our buck and where to devote our attention in future,” he said.

Examples of where this support will be put to good use include:

  • Funding regions and brigades to implement initiatives that help them engage with their communities, such as Landscaping for Bushfire gardens and bushfire safety expos.
  • Running a fire safety roadshow around the state (the Mobile Education Units will hit the road as part of this).
  • Updating our website so that you can click on a map and see fire safety information relevant to your location, for example, the Fire Danger Rating. 
  • Working with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria to reinforce the importance of involving local brigades in planning.
  • Working with Tourism Victoria, Red Cross and Health & Human Services Emergency Management to help tourism businesses, travellers and vulnerable Victorians prepare for and respond to fire.


An advertising campaign will run alongside these local engagement activities over the core summer months.

“During Fire Action Week we launched new ads which get to the heart of what so many Victorians do – wait and see – and try and get people to break out of this way of thinking,” said Mark.  “From early December, you’ll see and hear this advertising in a variety of languages on TV and radio, in state and local papers, and online.” 

You’ll also see:

  • Advertising specifically for grassfires. 
  • Community Service Announcements on WIN, Prime and Southern Cross featuring the three fire Chiefs and the Fire Services Commissioner.
  • A ‘Fire Ready – what you need to know this summer’ booklet that will go out in the Herald Sun on Saturday 1 December and in the Weekly Times on Wednesday 5 December.  The guide covers ‘what to do right now’, ‘what to do on a hot, dry, windy day’ and ‘what to do if a fire has started in your area’ and will be a useful resource for anyone talking to communities about fire safety this summer.

But wait… there’s more!

The campaign also incorporates media and social media, partnerships with state-wide organisations, and making sure all our members have access to communications materials that will support them in getting the fire safety message out there, such as fact sheets, ad templates, radio scripts, and media releases.

“We’re talking with like-minded organisations and regional and state media to see what partnerships and arrangements we can put in place to help get our messages out there,” said Mark.  “For example, partnerships between the Victorian Government and Cricket Victoria and the Melbourne Renegades – Melbourne’s Twenty20 competition cricket team – have already been announced, and we’re looking at incorporating Fire Danger Ratings into weather forecasts, along with fun ways to bust some myths using social media.”

“We’re also ensuring our members have the messages and materials they need when they talk to their communities. There’s already a variety of resources on the Template Toolkit – including this season’s key messages, and radio scripts and newsletter snippets on topics like pet safety and how CFA can help – and we’ll keep adding to this as more becomes available.”

You can access the Toolkit through Brigades Online and the CFA intranet homepage or by clicking on this click:

Stay tuned for more information and updates. Any questions in the meantime can be directed to Gwynne Brennan, Deb Robieson or Sonia Maclean at CFA HQ (9262 8444).

Last Updated: 29 November 2012