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Thermal camera for Beechworth

  • Beechworth members are familiarising themselves with a new thermal imaging camera

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  10.29 AM 20 June, 2014

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A new thermal imaging camera will make it easier for Beechworth brigade members to find people in smoke-filled houses, increasing safety not only for occupants but for firefighters.

Third Lieutenant Tracy McVea said that the camera would also assist in finding the ‘seat’ or ignition point of the fire.

“This camera will reduce the time it takes for firefighters to find and suppress a fire, which could mean less damage to the building and contents,” she said.

“It will also be of great use during bushfires as it will assist in pinpointing hot spots enabling the fire fighters on the ground to put them out and preventing re-ignition.

“Having this new piece of equipment will assist us in doing our job even better.”

Other uses for the camera, which films constantly while activated, include outdoor search and rescue, as well as support for fire investigators who work to determine the cause of a fire.

Tracy said that brigades in the surrounding area would now be able to call on Beechworth during incidents where the thermal imaging camera would be of use.

“Members of the brigade have been undertaking special training to operate the camera, and with plenty of practice it could become one of our most valuable tools in the fire truck,” she said. 

Beechworth Fire Brigade received the thermal imaging camera last month after successfully applying for a government grant.

Photo courtesy of the Ovens and Murray Advertiser.

Last Updated: 20 June 2014