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Third year anniversary of the 2009 fires

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 30 January, 2012

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As the third anniversary of 7 February draws near, we remember and honour the 173 people who lost their lives in our state's most significant natural disaster.

We reflect on the courage and strength shown by communities, including CFA members, CFA families and brigades, who lost so much in the fires and are reminded of their professionalism, dedication, courage and selfless bravery.

We recognise that while many people have managed to move on, others have not. Some CFA families and brigades still need support - and we will support them.

If you need support, there are a number of options available for all CFA members and families including peer support, chaplaincy and counselling.
• Peer support can be accessed through your Regional Duty Officer, Officer in Charge, Line Manager, the Peer Coordinator or via the CFA Welfare line on 1800 628 616.
• Chaplains can be contacted directly or through Converge International on 1800 337 068.
• Psychologists and counsellors can be contacted directly or through PPC Worldwide on 1300 361 008.
Since 7 February 2009, we have seen many changes in CFA as an organisation and we continue to improve our ability to better protect communities.

More broadly, since February 2009 the landscape of the fire services has changed, with a stronger focus on interoperability and ‘one integrated fire force.'

With the approach of the third anniversary, I ask you to remember our strength and hope and reflect on the dedication and courage of all Victorians in this difficult time.

While the events of 7 February 2009 are etched on the minds of all CFA members, I ask you to take a moment to look back on what has been achieved since this time and the strength we've drawn from the most challenging of circumstances.

A list of commemorative events being held by councils and community groups in fire-affected areas is available to view online at the Regional Development Victoria's website. 

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