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Three members, 200 years of service

By: Duncan Russell

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  9.28 AM 15 January, 2016

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On 13 December 2015, Strathmerton Fire Brigade combined its medal presentations and Christmas party, which was held at the fire station.

In 2014, the brigade celebrated its 80th anniversary with former Chief Officer Euan Ferguson attending. It was a very special occasion. And 2015 marked another outstanding achievement - three members reached a total of 200 years of service between them.

Ron Laidlaw and David Ross-Soden both have 70 years service and Ron Munro reached 60 years.

CFA Operations Officer Pete Dedman presented the men with their service medals. He spoke of the remarkable milestone achieved by these members and congratulated each of them and thanked them for their service.

Ron Laidlaw: 70 years service starting in 1945. Ron was secretary for 40 years from 1948-88, comms officer from 1994-98 and also VFBV delegate. He received the National medal in 1985.

David Ross-Soden: 70 years service starting in 1945 and was a Lieutenant from 1980-86.

Ron Munro: 60 years service starting in 1955 and has been an active firefighter and member.

Pete Dedman then surprised everyone by announcing that CFA was also presenting Ron Laidlaw and David Ross-Soden with the Outstanding Service Medal. He went on to say, "The Outstanding Service Medal recognises prolonged service distinguished by exceptional performance. It is CFA’s most prestigious internal award and recognises exceptional service above and beyond dedicated service".

During the proceedings, three present-day members of the brigade were also acknowledged with the presentation of awards: a five-year certificate for Paul Wilkinson, 15-year service medal for Brendan Taylor and a 25-year service medal for Ernie Paterson.

Photo courtesy of The Strathmerton Standard.
From Left to right: Captain Evan Bourchier, Ron Munro, David Ross-Soden, Ron Laidlaw and Operations Officer Pete Dedman

By Jenny Cossens

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