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Three National Medals presented

  • CFA Board member Lynda Hamilton, left, and South East Region Commander David Sherry, far right, congratulate Alan Davies (National Medal 2nd Clasp), Christine Higgs (National Medal) and Terry Hanley (National Medal 2nd Clasp).

By: Danika DENT

Category: Honours & Awards

  5.58 PM 14 August, 2017

Location: District 9 News

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Volunteers and their families came together to celebrate the special service members give to CFA at the annual Baw Baw Group of Fire Brigade’s presentation dinner on Saturday night (12 August 2017).

A highlight of the evening was the recognition of three long-serving volunteers, Christine Higgs, Alan Davies and Terry Hanley, who were presented National Medals and clasps.

Chris Higgs joined Drouin West Fire Brigade in 1998 and is still an active member. She was brigade Communications Officer from 2000-2012.

Chris has provided continuous service to CFA and through her membership with the Drouin West Fire Brigade and has contributed significantly at both Brigade and Group level.

Chris Higgs was presented with a National Medal.

Alan Davies joined South Drouin Rural Fire Brigade in 1972; he is still an active member of Hallora & District Fire Brigade following amalgamations in 2008.

He has served as Brigade and Group Secretary, 2nd and 3rd Lieutenant, Brigade Training Officer and Captain.

Alan has provided diligent service to the South Drouin, and Hallora & District Fire Brigades, and West Gippsland and Baw Baw Group of Fire Brigades for over 44 years.

As a long serving contributor to CFA and his community, Alan was awarded the second clasp to his National Medal.

Terry Hanley joined South Drouin Rural Fire Brigade in 1976; he is still an active member of Hallora & District Fire Brigade.

He served as Communications Officer, Captain and 1st and 2nd Deputy Group Officer.

Terry has served CFA and the community for over 40 years as an outstanding leader at Brigade and Group, and in his employment as a CFA instructor.

Terry was awarded the second clasp to his National Medal.

Other significant awards on the night included:

Darnum & Ellinbank Fire Brigade: Sharyn Gaul, Barry Gilbert, Julie Tyrrell (35 year Award); Justin Colby, Martin Fraser (15 year Award); Peter Nelson (10 year Award).

Drouin Fire Brigade: Rodney Atkinson (40 year Award); Jeff Young (35 year Award); Stuart Kelsey (25 year Award); Natalie Young, David Harlow, Brendan Ahin (20 year Award); Dean Davis, Paul Tandberg (15 year Award); Jason Delphin, Kylie Crawford, Judy Brown, Brendan Mifsud, Patrick McGann (10 year Award); Steve White, Jessie Craig, Hayley Lansdown, Alice Barfoot, Damian Crawford (5 year Certificates).

Drouin West Fire Brigade: Gary Cheesman (30 year Award); John Sparks, Bruce Jewell (15 year Award); Charlie Azzopardi, Jared McTighe (10 year Award); Kim McFarlane, Rob Wills, Brendan Witt, Matilda Craig, Campbell Jolly (5 year Certificates).

Hallora & District Fire Brigade: John Rogers (Existing CFA Life Member) (65 year Award); Alan Davies (Existing CFA Life Member) (45 year Award); Gwen Davies, Loris Buckler (25 year Award); Dean Alush (20 year Award); Garry Morgan, Alan Buckler, Simon Buckler, Ross Brewer (15 year Award); Joan McGrath, Peter McGrath (10 year Award).

Longwarry & District Fire Brigade: Kylie George (15 year Award); Norman Heard (10 year Award).

Nilma North Fire Brigade: Ray Van Vliet (35 year Award); Kristen Aurisch, Neville Patterson, Helen Newitt, Wayne Croaker (10 year Award).

Trida Fire Brigade: Penny Hobbin, Leslie Collins, Julie Ettery, Fe Patterson, Victoria King, Peter King, Kerry King, Paul Goulmy, Ian Murray, Sophie Nativo (10 year Award).

Warragul Fire Brigade: Brian Brewer (35 year Award); Graeme Minns (25 year Award); Shaun Johnson (10 year Award).

Last Updated: 15 August 2017