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Total Fire Bans declared due to severe fire risk

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  5.42 PM 18 January, 2016

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Total Fire Bans have been declared in all districts except East Gippsland tomorrow (Tuesday) as fire authorities across the state ready themselves for another hot and windy day.

Fire Danger Ratings are forecast to be Severe in five weather districts tomorrow, including Wimmera, North Central, Central, South West, and West & South Gippsland.

State Response Controller Joe Buffone said Victoria had already seen significant fire activity this season.

“It has been a challenging season and an early season, and communities and fire authorities alike are well aware that there could be many more hot and windy days to come.

Mr Buffone reminded Victorians that bushfire plans should be kept updated to reflect their changing circumstances.

“If you’re back at work this week, think about what you’ll do if a fire starts and you are not at home,” he said. 

“We are into the last two weeks of school holidays, so please think about where your kids are and what they are doing, and factor that into your plan.

“Remember that if you live in a high risk area and are not fully prepared, leaving early is always the safest option.”

Under a Total Fire Ban, no fires can be lit from midnight tonight, through to 11.59pm tomorrow (Tuesday). This includes all campfires and bonfires, as well as barbecues using solid fuel such as wood, charcoal or briquettes.

Mr Buffone said authorities were taking a zero-tolerance approach to any campfires alight or not fully extinguished in areas where Total Fire bans are in force.

“This also includes holding off on activities such as grinding and welding,” he said.

“We are looking to the community to do the right thing so everyone stays safe.

“Talk to your neighbours or fellow campers and make sure they are aware Total Fire Ban regulations are in force, especially if you see them starting up a fire.”

Visit the CFA website for a full list of legal restrictions and penalties that apply on days of Total Fire Ban.

Stay informed about fires and conditions: tune in to ABC local radio, or other emergency broadcasters including radio or SKY TV,  download the FireReady App, phone the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667or follow VicEmergency or CFA’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It is important to never rely on one source for emergency information and warnings. 

Last Updated: 18 January 2016