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Trailer fire Princes Fwy Warragul

  • Taken by a passer-by
  • Pallets of groceries on the freeway

By: Brian Dalrymple

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  1.19 PM 1 February, 2013

Location: District 9 News

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Firefighters were called to a truck fire on the Princes Freeway at 7.50pm last night, the driver saw flames coming from the trailer and pulled over to contact fire services.

Warragul Fire Brigade had only minutes before responded to another call at Ellinbank when they were alerted to the fire on the freeway.

Upon the arrival of the first appliance, the rear section of a LinFox freight trailer was engulfed by an intense fire and a large amount of traffic had stopped on the freeway.

 Crews worked hard to limit the spread of the fire in the trailer that was fully loaded with groceries, gaining access inside the trailer was difficult, and as a result crews utilised thermal imaging equipment and a quick cut saw to gain access to the front of the trailer to assist in suppressing the fire.

The fire caused extensive damage to the axels of the trailer and was unable to be driven, specialist towing equipment had to be used to lift the rear of the trailer and was carefully manoeuvred into Warragul by prime mover and heavy haulage vehicle.

The incident was managed by CFA, Victoria Police and Vic Roads, the incident controller was F/F Brian DALRYMPLE from Warragul.

After 20 pallets of freight were relocated off the freeway, Vic Roads crews inspected the road surface and the Princes Freeway was re-opened to traffic at 2.30am after being diverted through Warragul for 7 hours.

Appliances on scene

Warragul Pumper, Tanker, HazMat and Field Command Vehicle.

Drouin Pumper and Tanker.

Drouin West Tanker.

Last Updated: 01 February 2013