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Trailers on the way

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  4.06 PM 2 March, 2015

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Working in collaboration with CFA’s Technical Asset Services engineers, CFA's Mobile Training Infrastructure project team members are working on the introduction of a number of trailers. These trailers will be deployed in rural areas, independently of fixed training grounds, to provide additional training opportunities for members.

The overall strategy for the trailer project is to support stronger volunteer participation. The development of firefighter practical skills is enhanced because the approach takes into account times and locations which better meet the needs of volunteers.

A number of trailers will be introduced by June 2015.

Five new Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA) training trailers will each carry four Breathing Apparatus sets, 12 cylinders, training gas and splash suits and a number of other search and rescue training aids. Several existing large CABA trailers are also being upgraded.

In addition, a design is being developed for a prototype chainsaw trailer that will house all training aids to support the delivery of Chainsaw Crosscut qualification (AHCARB205A) Operate and Maintain Chainsaws.

The mobile infrastructure team is also working on acquiring a number of Wildfire Behaviour training trailers complete with fire behaviour training tables and audio visual equipment, intended to be jointly used with the Training and Community Safety departments.

Last Updated: 02 March 2015