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Training Day at Wangaratta for Fire Investigators

By: Nicole Harvey

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  8.06 AM 6 October, 2014

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Article written by: Operations Officer Mark Collins

On Thursday 11 September, fifty members of the Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) converged at the Wangaratta Campus to take part in Fire Investigation Training.

Those attending included a large number of CFA Fire Investigators who travelled from across the State as well as Victoria Police, MFB, Energy Safe Victoria and Private Insurance Investigators.

The training session covered a number of subjects presented by experts in their fields and included: 

Clandestine drug laboratories:

  • Drug types and compositions
  • Indicators of a Clan Lab and an overview of some of the processes used
  • Materials commonly encountered and the risks posed to firefighters and investigators
  • Dangers associated with Clan Labs through explosion
  • What to do if a clan lab is identified during firefighting or fire investigation activities

Operation TRIGLEY

The second session was presented by Detective Sergeant Scott Barnes who was at the time with the Arson and Explosives Squad when he headed Operation TRIGLEY.

This case study covered the real investigation process from incident to courtroom based on a fire that occurred on the Mornington Peninsula where a man and his house was set alight by a group of young men participating in a “prank”. 

Car fires and NFPA 921

After the lunch break, Russell Lee – Electrical Engineer and Private Fire Investigator provided an information session on the US NFPA 921 “Guide to Fire Investigation” and gave life experiences of investigative processes used.

Participants then went out to the PAD to inspect two cars that had been set alight during the day, giving participants practical experience in scene examination of automotive fires. 

Mannequin burns

To compliment his previous presentation, a practical session on flammable liquid splash patterns to clothing was presented by Detective Sergeant Barnes.

This session gave an insight to participants as to the location and complexity of burns that casualties may receive in different situations depending on the material used and the direction of the pour or splash.

 Overall a lot of information was packed into a busy day. Special thanks to the PAD staff at Wangaratta campus for their assistance and support to make the day such a success.

Last Updated: 06 October 2014