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Training Grd hosts successful games


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  2.10 PM 8 November, 2012

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On Wednesday 7 November students who make up the CFA Advance Youth Crew at Crusoe Secondary College, East Loddon P-12 and Rushworth P-12 College descended on the CFA training facility at Huntly to compete in the Loddon Mallee Regional Youth Games.

Overall some 50 students participated in range of activities designed to test their team work, dexterity and spirit of competition. Based on events used by CFA Championship teams the students were ‘tested’ on Low Down pumps, Search & Rescue, Hose Bowling and Delivering Water via 38mm hoses. The crews were also provided with the opportunity to undertake a 5 Person Fog Attack.

Scores, allocated foreach event, were tallied by CFA staff and a shield awarded to the overall winner.  This year the winning students were from Rushworth P-12 College who were competing for the first time.

By all accounts the students had a very good day, which included a BBQ lunch, and were grateful for the opportunity to compete.

Thanks must go to all involved in providing the day.  CFA staff from Loddon Mallee, Training Ground staff, teachers from the Colleges involved and the CFA volunteers from the brigades which continue to support CFA Advance programs across the Region.

Last Updated: 11 November 2012