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Training Strategy Survey now open

By: CFA News

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  11.30 AM 15 June, 2015

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CFA members are being urged to give their feedback on Fire & Emergency Management’s (F&EM) Training Strategy via an online survey.

The strategy was unveiled in 2013, and sets out our priorities for the continued development of training over the coming years.

A survey was then held in 2014 asking members for their feedback on a range of matters relating to training, including the quality of the training CFA provides, its accessibility, and its consistency.

After a successful response rate, we are once again asking members to give their thoughts on the strategy.

The survey results we receive this year will be compared to the baseline results collected last year.

Training and Delivery Manager James Stitz said the findings are crucial as training is one of CFA’s most important activities.

“I’m seeking five minutes input from everyone to allow us to monitor performance and improve what we do,” James said.

The survey is available for members to complete online and members may also download and print a paper copy from the F&EM Training Strategy page on Brigades Online.

The survey is currently open for your input, and will be closed midnight Friday 31 July 2015.

Last Updated: 17 June 2015