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Trevor’s 40-year career

  • Trevor Poulter

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  4.02 PM 17 July, 2014

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Wangaratta Brigade’s Chairman of 40 years recently stood down – but Trevor Poulter’s selfless contribution to his beloved Brigade will not be forgotten anytime soon.

*** Story by Alyssa Anderton***

86-year-old Trevor has had a colourful time throughout his many years with CFA, ranging from fighting the Ash Wednesday fires, to mediating change within the Brigade and wider organisation.
Trevor joined CFA in 1966 and from there has held a number of different positions throughout the Boronia and Wangaratta Brigades since then.

From the front lines of the devastating Ash Wednesday fires as a firefighter, to a Brigade Secretary, Lieutenant and finally Chairman. 

Retired Regional Officer for District 23, Neil Brock, has known Trevor for almost his entire career with CFA.

“To undertake the Chairman role for so many years is a tremendous effort.”

Neil recollects on their times together noting that for Trevor, “The brigade was the all important factor, it was never the individuals, it was always for the Brigade.”

He also believes that Trevor was the “ideal” Chairman and was quite gifted in the position.

“He’s always struck me as a peacemaker type person, where he’s always the one cooling the hot heads.”

Wangaratta Group Communications Officer, Alan Mills also reflected on their time together in the Brigade, remembering fighting the Ash Wednesday fires and getting trapped together, as well as Trevor providing excellent issue and change management throughout his time as chairman.

“He had to keep everyone in check”.

Trevor was always a “stickler for protocol”, and he needed to be, to mediate between the career fire fighters and the volunteers. Alan describes Trevor as “one of nature’s true gentlemen.”

Ashley Mills, Officer in Charge at Wangaratta Fire Brigade, has known Trevor since 2005 and admires the job he has done position as Chairman and mediator – particularly when the brigade faced challenges, most notably the arduous process of getting a new station.

“In recent years Trevor has been through significant personal hardship – but his commitment to the Brigade has never wavered.”

“The commitment of the man particularly when facing extremely difficult personal circumstances has just been amazing.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Trevor and working with him.”
Trevor and the Boronia and Wangaratta brigades have supported each other through adversity they have encountered, and they all have come through with unforgettable memories. 

Trevor has seen a lot of change in his time with CFA, from the changing pumpers, to the changes in communications.

“I really enjoyed being chairman, and I enjoyed going to the fires, once I stopped attending the fires I lost touch with the brigade, but I continued as chairman. You do all these things off the cup,” Trevor says.

Last Updated: 17 July 2014