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Truck and trailer saved in hay fire

By: CFA Media

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  6.13 PM 24 August, 2016

Location: District 22 News

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CFA crews saved a truck and trailer from a load of hay that had caught fire in Nagambie today.

Once the area was made safe, firefighters used a fork lift to remove the large, smouldering square bales from the truck and placed them near McDonalds Rd to burn out.

District 22 Rostered Duty Officer Shane Sutton praised firefighters’ quick response, which allowed them to save the vehicle.

“Usually everything would be lost in hay truck fires so crews did a great job getting this incident under control so quickly and efficiently,” Mr Sutton said.

“We have issued an advice warning to our community to be mindful of smoke, which may move over the road depending on the weather.

“We have minimised any risk of the fire spreading and will continue monitoring the bales as they burn out.”

The two-metre long bales are no longer edible for livestock, therefore Mr Sutton assures the most efficient way to manage the incident is to closely monitor the hay placed safely on the side of the road.

“We expect the bales will burn out completely overnight,” Mr Sutton said.

Three CFA trucks attended from Avenel, Nagambie and Wahring. Crews responded at 11.40am, deeming the incident under control by 12.50pm. 

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