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Truganina Welcomes Tarneit Gardens

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By: Graham Abbott

Category: Community Safety, Events / Fundraising / Offers

  7.25 PM 7 December, 2013

Location: District 14 News

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Tarneit is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, so a new shopping centre is bound to attract some interest, and provide a great opportunity for an enterprising brigade to get the news out about Fire Safety.

During a visit to start building a pre-plan for the new shopping centre, Truganina was offered the opportunity to run a BBQ on the opening weekend by Woolworth's store at Tarneit Gardens. Although the offer gave us little time to prepare, the brigade grabbed the chance to raise some money and promote fire awareness at the same time.

We were rewarded with a beautiful sunny day, and a steady stream of visitors to our marquee. People were able to buy cold drinks and the traditional snag in bread ("With or without onions?")  while also getting useful information on home and summer fire safety while they munched.   We dispensed many showbags for the kids as well as pamphlets for Mums and Dads, and the day provided an excellent way to engage with our locals, many of whom live within a kilometer of the urban fringe. The majority of residents have only lived in the area a short time and often have little familiarity with the threat posed by the paddocks and grass lands to our north and west.

The day was made easier by a great turnout from the brigade - many hands do indeed make light work - and by the help from Woolworth's staff in keeping us supplied.  Many thanks to Joe, Christie, Vesna and all the staff at Woolworths Tarneit Gardens ... we look forward to many more BBQs in the future. With the day contributing $500.00 to the brigade's coffers as well as allowing us to engage with our community, we are keen to make this a regular event.

Last Updated: 07 December 2013