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Two injured in kitchen fires

By: CFA Media

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  2.13 PM 22 February, 2017

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CFA is asking residents to take extra care when cooking after two people were injured in two separate kitchen fire incidents last night.

Firefighters were called to a kitchen fire at Clyde North in Heather Grove around 7.15pm. On arrival, the residents had managed to extinguish the fire but a male received severe burns to his foot.

CFA Cranbourne Station Officer Brad Trewavis said the oil in the cooking pot flashed and caught fire. The resident was trying to remove the pot outside when the oil spilt onto his foot.

“It’s really important for residents to take the right precautions when cooking,” he said.

“A fire blanket should always be available and don’t try to move the burning pot.

“Kitchen fires can be easily avoided by paying closer attention when cooking.”

Luckily there was no damage to the kitchen in this incident other than some minor smoke damage.

Firefighters remained on scene to assist paramedics and to help clean up the oil in the kitchen to prevent it reigniting.

In Wendouree last night there was another kitchen fire resulting in a resident receiving burns to his hands.

CFA attended the Primrose Street home around 9.30pm where it’s believed a male was trying to remove a pot of oil that had burnt over.

Ambulance Victoria was called to the scene to treat the man’s burns.

Cooking in the kitchen is one of the largest causes of fires in the home. A fire in your kitchen can cause extensive damage and injuries.

To prevent kitchen fires residents should:

  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Always supervise children in the kitchen and keep them away from the stove top and oven
  • Turn pot handles away from the stove edge
  • Keep stoves free of grease and fat build-up
  • Hang tea-towels away from the stove
  • Ensure the exhaust fan above the stove is clean
  • Have a fire blanket and extinguisher stored within easy reach but away from the cooking area
  • Ensure there is a working smoke alarm
Last Updated: 30 March 2017