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Tylden trains with our neighbours

By: Ian Porter

Category: Training & Recruitment

  7.39 PM 18 October, 2013

Location: District 2 News

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Last Wednesday night, Tylden Fire Brigade undertook practical training on ventilation at structural fires, with local brigades from Springhill, Trentham and Woodend. It was a good opportunity for the four brigades to come together, particularly since Tylden is on the border of three different groups (Kyneton, Mount Macedon and Glenlyon Groups), to continue to develop our relationships with each other.

The night was undertaken as a more informal training exercise, focusing on some practical aspects of ventilation at structure fires. We aimed to provide a little bit of experience and understanding for our members, regardless of their level of training and experience.

The evening started with a brief discussion on why we ventilate at structural fires, and how the smoke and gasses produced from a fire not only cause damage to the building structure and contents, but can also have high level of hazardous gases even when a room or building looks to be clear of smoke, which poses serious health consequences for firefighters.

Moving to the practical side of training, we had Woodend demonstrate their positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fan, discussing it's operation and how to use it most effectively, such as positioning the fan to improve the pressurisation of the building with fresh air and ensuring an adequate exit point for smoke and gases to leave the building has been made. Following this, a practical demonstration on using hose streams (hydraulic ventilation) to remove gases and smoke from the building, via an opening such as a window, was given. Using theatrical smoke, we were able to allow all members to witness just effective and quick using a hose stream can be to remove smoke, and had several members keen to try it for themselves.

A good night was had sharing our knowledge, skills and equipment, with Tylden Fire Brigade looking forward to conducting more training with our neighbouring brigades in the future. We would also like to thank Springhill, Trentham and Woodend brigades for their assistance.

Last Updated: 20 October 2013